Ford To Hire Another 1,200 Employees

The campaign for the brand new Ford Fusion is off to such a great start that Ford is expecting massive numbers in sales for this sedan, packed with all of Ford’s new and innovative driver-assistance features. The auto manufacturer will invest $555 million into their Detroit manufacturing plant, which also makes the Ford Mustang. The investment money will mostly go towards new equipment in order to double their output and produce the Fusion.

In order to produce the amount of Fusions that Ford has in mind, they will be adding another 1,200 employees to work in the Detroit plant, producing the new small sedan. Previously, the Fusions were only made at Ford’s plant in Mexico, but now that the small car segment is growing at such a rapid pace, and labor contracts have lowered the U.S. costs, Ford is bringing more of the production to its home base in Michigan.

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