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Ford Oil Change Services Available in Renton

Changing automobile oilRegular oil changes are a vital component to keeping any car healthy, and a dealership associated with your car’s manufacturer is one of the best places to get it. Dealerships with direct ties to the manufacturer have access to more information and more parts specifically for your model and year. It’s good to do a bit of research to find a dealership that offers Ford Oil Change Services Available in Renton.

Ford Oil Change Impact

If the engine is your car’s heart, then the oil is similar to the blood. Engine oil lubricates components and keeps them running smoothly, draws heat away from the combustion chamber, and prevents varnish buildup inside the engine. Since engines get incredibly hot, mitigating that heat is vital to preventing breakdowns.

Beneficial Ford Oil Change Services Available in Renton

Engine oil is not one-size-fits-all; each car requires a different type of oil, usually differentiated by the viscosity (or thickness) of the liquid. The type of engine oil your car takes will be in the owner’s manual, and if you choose to get professional Ford Oil Change Services Available in Renton you’ll be able to get the exact type you need. Oil change should not be put off, since neglecting your oil can lead to severe breakdowns.

Most cars have a built-in timer that goes off every 3,000 miles or 3 months, which tells you that you need to go in for replacement. When that light comes on, making sure to find quality Ford Oil Change Services Available in Renton should be your priority. Overtime, oil loses its viscosity and becomes polluted by contaminants such as carbon deposits or sludge. It won’t be able to do any of its vital tasks, and can even clog up your car’s engine further, forcing you to replace components that you wouldn’t have needed to touch for a while otherwise.

When it comes to your oil, it’s definitely a case of better safe than sorry. Changing your oil at the right intervals can prolong your engine’s life for several more years.

Sound Ford’s Ford Oil Change Services Available in Renton are fast, affordable, and professional. Sound Ford has been serving the Seattle area for a long time, and our trained technicians are ready to help you with any Ford service you may need, from oil changes to auto detailing. Call us at 888-809-5272 to schedule work on your Ford car.

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Pre-Owned Ford Available in Renton

mfg 2015 Ford ExplorerBuying a Pre-Owned Ford Available in Renton is the best way to get a car that’s both reliable and affordable. People buying used cars tend to have a better selection than those going for new cars, since a dealership with used cars carries several generations worth of a line in an assortment of configurations.

Pre-Owned Ford Explorer

The Explorer is a mid-size SUV, although in later model years it has been re-imagined into a crossover. The Explorer has been available in either a four-door or two-door version, with the latter being dubbed the Ford Explorer Sport. Part-time four-wheel drive has also been available across models. The Ford Explorer has seen five different generation, and may be coming up onto a sixth one in the future. The Explorer has featured powerful V6 and V8 engines throughout its lineups, as well as excellent power and safety equipment. This Pre-Owned Ford Available in Renton is a quality car that can last a family a long time, even when bought used.

Mustang of the Pre-Owned Ford Available in Renton

Anyone who’s wanted to own one of America’s favorite performance cars at a price that’s affordable can turn to buying a Pre-Owned Ford Available in Renton. The Mustang is a long-lived nameplate, and the original “pony car”. The Mustang has been on the Car and Driver Ten Best list six times, and has received accolades from all over. With the Mustang, you can expect a distinctive design, a powerful engine, and superior handling on the road. This car (which has been available as a coupe, hatchback, and convertible) has left a major mark on automotive history as an inspiration.

First manufactured in 2003, the Ford C-Max is an economical hatchback vehicle with hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions available. Made for Versatility, the C-Max is Ford’s first hybrid-only line in North America. Its known for its high estimated fuel economy ratings and its affordability, and is a good choice for a used family vehicle.

Let Sound Ford help you choose a Pre-Owned Ford Available in Renton to fit your needs. Our inventory is filled with a large variety of Ford vehicles, and is easily browsed or searched. You can also find financing and specials on many of our pre-owned and certified pre-owned Fords. Call us at 888-679-8692 or use a contact form to ask us any question about buying your next pre-owned Ford.

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2016 Ford Trucks Coming Soon to Renton

Most people have a certain association with the Ford nameplate: strong, efficient trucks that can handle any job thrown at them. The 2016 Ford Trucks Coming Soon to Renton are no exception; capable and well-equipped, Ford trucks are available in many different forms, allowing people to get exactly what they want out of their new truck.

2016 Ford Super Duty Trucks Coming Soon to Renton

The Super Duty is aptly-named: it’s a truck that takes on tough work with gusto, fulfilling any task without any difficulty. With the available 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel engine, the Super Duty goes above and beyond in what it can do. 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque means that the Super Duty beats other cars in the Full-Size Pickup class. With the proper towing package, the Super Duty can pull up to 31,200 lbs. Upgrades to suspension and tires are available to get these 2016 Ford Trucks Coming Soon to Renton ready for the big haul ahead.

The King Ranch trim available on the Super Duty is likely familiar to many Ford enthusiasts: it adds a layer of luxury not often found in work vehicles, equipping the Super Duty with leather seating and even more features–particularly notable, since the Super Duty is already loaded with features.

2016 Ford F-650 and F-750 Trucks Coming Soon to Renton

If you need to go even bigger, the Ford F-650 and Ford F-750 are commercial trucks that will do any business a great service. These new 2016 Ford Trucks Coming Soon to Renton are not only powerful; they allow workers to drive in comfort, with user-friendly gauges and controls and a steering wheel that will remain easy to grip even after hours on the road. A specially-tuned suspension means that ride quality and stability see a large improvement.

Though buyers have a choice between a V8 Turbo-Diesel engine and a V10 Gas Engine, only one transmission is needed on the F-650 and 750: a six-speed automatic that’s responsive and built to be challenged.

Buy any 2016 Ford Trucks Coming Soon to Renton from Sound Ford, a leading dealer of quality Ford cars and trucks. We offer both new and pre-owned cars, as well as quality service from trained mechanics. We can also you find Ford parts and financing for any occasion. Contact us through our website and let us help you fulfill all of your Ford needs.

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2016 Ford Focus Coming Soon to Renton

mfg 2016 Ford Focus RSThe 2016 Ford Focus Coming Soon to Renton debuts this year with a brand-new trim, the Ford Focus RS. This powered up version of the already-versatile Focus will give drivers the opportunity to go above and beyond the power that the car offers.

2016 Ford Focus RS

The RS model of the 2016 Ford Focus Coming Soon to Renton features an all-wheel drive system with a torque-vectoring function, which manages torque in both front and rear wheels. This will help the Focus keep its footing during the tough maneuvers it makes with the assistance of its powerful engine. The Focus RS promises to put out at least 325 hp, but there’s always a possibility more. The 2016 Ford Focus RS also has a new chassis which will make acceleration easier. The exterior styling will deliver more downforce, and will make the 2016 Ford Focus RS look the part of a true performance vehicle.

Customers who can’t wait for the 2016 Ford Focus Coming Soon to Renton can also look into buying the current model, the 2015 Focus. Lauded for the amount of options available (the current Focus features a four-engine lineup, from an economical turbocharged 3-cylinder to a powerful 252 hp turbocharged inline-4, and even to an all-electric powertrain), the current generation of the Ford Focus excels in performance, driver convenience, and available features.

Packages of the 2016 Ford Focus Coming Soon to Renton

Just like its predecessor, the 2016 Ford Focus will likely feature a number of packages and options. The current Focus offers a Sport package for the SE trim, which adds enhancements to exterior styling, paddle shifters for the automatic transmission, a special sport-tuned suspension, and 17-inch wheels. People looking for safety upgrades will be able to get blind-spot warning and lane-keeping assist, while Ford’s SYNC app suite is also available. SYNC lets drivers use over 60 apps using their car’s system.

Whether you decide to find out more about financing the 2016 Ford Focus or opt for the current 2015 model, you will be guaranteed to get one of Ford’s best compact cars. While the segment is a competitive one, the Ford Focus has stood out in all categories, and remains a popular pick.

Sound Ford is located at 101 SW Grady Way in Renton, and is proud to serve the Greater Seattle Area with quality Ford assistance. Call us today to get the best specials on your new or used Ford vehicles.

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