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2015 Ford Dealer Serving Tukwila

New-2015-Ford-Fiesta-S_ID106573334_oSound Ford is a 2015 Ford Dealer Serving Tukwila, known for one of the biggest selection of brand-new Ford vehicles in our inventory, we can find you the best rates and financing options on the most recent Ford models.

If you want a taste of Europe from an American dealer, the Ford Fiesta might be a good place to start. A sporty sedan that handles a lot like the cars from across the pond, showing a balance and competence that is surefooted even accelerating on the sharpest curves. The Fiesta is a small package, but it’s got a driving dynamic that can make anyone smile. The 2015 Ford Fiesta, purchasable from a 2015 Ford Dealer Serving Tukwila, has a standard four-cylinder engine that gives 120 hp; from there, a buyer can either upgrade to the sporty 197 hp engine on the Fiesta ST (which includes a suspension specially tuned to deal with sport-like performance), or a more economical 3-cylinder engine that can save you money while still getting the job done.

If you’re looking for a competent crossover SUV, consider purchasing the 2015 Ford Escape from your 2015 Ford Dealer Serving Tukwila. A few years back, Ford remodeled the Escape to look more sporty and contemporary, leaving behind its old boxy appearance. This drastic overhaul of appearance matches the Escape’s new road-manners; steering and control are sharp and responsive, and while the ride is firm, the suspension softens it just enough so it doesn’t feel harsh–in fact, the firmness allows for an even stronger feeling of control. The Ford Escape is a crossover SUV that excels when it comes to handling and fuel economy, with enough interior space for adults to ride comfortably, as well. The inside also matches the outside when it comes to style, with a number of features and design elements making it a delight to ride in and enjoy. Top-end models are tricked out with the best high-tech equipment, including the MyFord Touch infotainment system.

All these and more are available from Sound Ford, the most reliable and favored 2015 Ford Dealer Serving Tukwila. Browse our inventory of the best 2015 models, or schedule an appointment with one of our Ford dealer agents to discuss your financing and purchase options. Sound Ford will always find you the perfect Ford model for your use.

Ford Service Available in Renton

ThumbnailSound Ford provides the most reliable, affordable, and easy-to-schedule Ford Service Available in Renton. Once you call Sound Ford, you won’t have to worry about getting your Ford car or truck serviced anywhere else. With easy-to-schedule appointments, knowledgeable workers, the best equipment and Ford know-how, and affordable prices, we’re the best to go to in order to get your Ford serviced.

Ford Service Maintenance Schedule

With every Ford vehicle, the manufacturer also releases a recommended maintenance schedule. Keeping to this schedule is the best way to ensure that your Ford car will continue to last you a long time. Service scheduling is approximately every 25,000 miles on average, with different tune-ups and maintenance for each service. If you’re unsure, then contact Sound Ford to get the best milestones to get your Ford Service Available in Renton.

During each service, the mechanic will have a list of what needs to be inspected, changed out, replaced, and so on. Sound Ford has been in the business for a long time, and each of our service workers will make sure that your car’s road ready by the time it rolls out of the garage and back into your hands.

What Ford Service is Done

Common maintenance done during your Ford Service Available in Renton includes replacing the air filter; inspecting the brake system, including brake lines, hoses, connection, and parking brake; rotating wheels and tires and checking the air pressure; changing the engine oil; and replacing the oil filter. Lubrication of steering linkage, suspension, axle seals, and all joints can ensure that all mechanical operations run smoothly. Our mechanics will also top off necessary fluids, such as brake and power steering fluids, to make sure that you’re in the best condition. When we do a rundown of your car, we’ll also give you the full list and costs. We’re sure that you won’t find a cheaper Ford Service Available in Renton.

Sound Ford is located at 101 SW Grady Way in Renton. Our service line can be reached at 888-849-5186, or you can go online to our user-friendly service website. From there, you can access our service scheduling form, or read about our emergency services. No matter what you’re looking for, Sound Ford has your best Ford Service in Renton.

Pre-Owned Ford Trucks Available in Renton

Used-2011-Ford-F-150-4WD_ID81010223_oAre you looking for a reliable, certified Pre-owned Ford truck that can pull out the highest quality of performance? Something either not too big or, better yet, can tow just about anything you will ever need? Sound Ford has a full array of Pre-Owned Ford Trucks Available in Renton for unbelievable deals and costs.

Ford Knows Trucks

As the United States’ number two automotive retailer and an infamous producer of high-quality trucks for over 100 years, the Ford Motor Company is one of the first-known brand names when it comes to great trucks. Its heavy-duty and pickup trucks have held the standards for quality for a long time, and Ford vehicles continue to be some of the most-purchased trucks in the United States.

Ford F-series Trucks

The Ford F-series has been a staple truck since 1948, with thirteen generations to date. Sound Ford carries a full array of used Pre-Owned Ford Trucks Available in Renton, with financing options available for all. The twelfth generation Ford series, active from 2009 to 2012, is one of the most popular to date; a wider grille is just one of the updated style changes that the line experienced. A larger interior creates more comfort for the passengers inside, while the improved towing and payload capacity made it even more of a utility truck.

The twelfth generation Ford F-series all boast impressive V8 engines (with the occasional V6), and a number of models for each truck. Meanwhile, safety scores were some of the most impressive, with high marks in all of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s tests. The Ford F-150 is a great choice for Pre-Owned Ford Trucks Available in Renton.

Sound Ford has long been Seattle’s solution for fine, high-quality and low-priced Ford trucks, whether new or used. We keep our inventory moving, so there’s always a great selection of Ford’s powerful vehicles waiting on the lot; in addition to trucks, Ford’s SUVs, sedans, coupes, and vans all stand out as some of the United States’ best cars. A true example of American excellence, any customer will be thrilled with one of the many Pre-Owned Ford Trucks Available in Renton. Contact us at 888-679-8692 to make your appointment to test-drive our vehicles, discuss financing, or find out which car is right for you. Sound Ford promises satisfaction with every purchase, guaranteed.

Used Ford Dealer in Renton

Used-2011-Ford-F-150-4WD_ID81010223_oA reliable Used Ford Dealer in Renton could be the key to making sure that your next used car lasts you a long time. Sound Ford is a favorite of hundreds of people in Renton and nearby, boasting a massive inventory of used, certified, and one-owner vehicles, all in the best condition. With financing options that are created to best suit you and your needs, finding a used Ford just for you won’t be hard at all.

Huge Inventory of Used Fords

Sound Ford has a comprehensive searchable inventory that lets you select the exact parameters you’re looking for in your certified used Ford. You can browse through what we have, or you can narrow by make, model, year, price range, body type, transmission type, mileage, color, and more. Sound Ford is a dealership dedicated to helping consumers choose the exact car that will suit their and their family’s needs. Our friendly, experienced agents are ready to talk to you and help you find your next car.

Visit our website to view our specials and internet deals, and save money. We have used cars for sale as recent as 2014, and we can guarantee that you won’t find any price better than ours. Sound Ford is the Used Ford Dealer in Renton that is everyone’s first choice. In addition to aid with financing and car selection, we also provide service and sell parts. We have everything you need, just a phone call or a visit away.

Ford Used and Ford Tough

No other dealership goes to the lengths that Sound Ford does to make sure that our customers drive away happy, behind the wheel of a mint-condition, certified used Ford. Whether you’re looking for something slick like a Ford Focus or a muscular Explorer, our staff will help you with what you need. The Focus is of course one of the more popular sedans with fuel efficiency and performance to boot. But the Ford F-150 is the complete opposite of the small car and has always been one of Ford’s best. From towing capability and overall durability, the Ford F-150 never disappoints.

Sound Ford is a favored Used Ford Dealer in Renton with a shining track record and the most courteous, knowledgeable staff. We serve Renton, Tukwila, Newcastle, Kent, and more with access to reliable used Ford models. Call us at 888-679-8692 to schedule an appointment or to get more information on all our used vehicles. Our customers choose Sound Ford for a reason; experience our perfect customer service and our great Ford financing options today.