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2015 Ford Models Now Arriving in Renton

Bold ideas and brazen innovation have made Ford a powerful entity within the automotive industry. It was the driving force of the company in Henry Ford’s day, and it continues to be the reason by they are a top competitor in the market. The 2015 Ford Models Now Arriving in Renton demonstrate that the company has no intention of settling down to a mundane existence.

From their compact cars to their full-size trucks, this all-new lineup shows that fresh ideas are still breathing life into the Ford Motor Company.


2015 Ford Models Will Get the Job Done

The 2015 Escape will help you break free from the competition with its 168 hp 2.5L four-cylinder engine. For a more spirited drive, however, you can opt for the 231 hp EcoBoost engine that provides added power for every ounce of fuel it consumes. All of your engine choices will come alongside a six-speed automatic transmission.

With its available 4WD feature, the Escape gives you the freedom to tow up to 3,500 lbs. Whether you need to tow your boat to the lake or if you are hauling the camper to your family’s campsite, this four-door SUV has the muscle to get the job done.

This five-passenger SUV offers each of your passengers plenty of legroom and more than enough cargo space. Fold down the rear seats and it won’t matter if you need to haul a heavy piece of furniture or if you need to take the family Christmas tree home to be decorated – the Escape has room for everything you need on the road.

Not only is the interior comfortable, it is also environmentally friendly. The insulation was made from over ten pounds of cotton that was attained from clothes which would have otherwise been thrown away. And nearly twenty-five plastic bottles were used to produce the polyester carpeting.

Technology that Provides Safety on the Road

Ford’s available SYNC technology features an 8″ touchscreen monitor that gives you access to emergency assistance, a Bluetooth phone system, voice-activated controls and a variety of mobile apps to help you stay connected to your network of friends.

The 2015 Ford Models Now Arriving in Renton come with an impressive amount of safety features. Along with seven standard airbags, your vehicle could also come with an Active Park Assist feature that will help you parallel park.

Our staff at Sound Ford is dedicated to helping you get behind the wheel of a car you love. Call us at 888-205-4007 to find out more about the 2015 Ford Models Now Arriving in Renton. You can also stop by our showroom at 101 SW Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057. Break away from traditional and get inside the 2015 Ford Escape.

Pre-Owned Ford near Tukwila

We assure you that we are the best at providing quality vehicles at affordable prices, the Pre-Owned Ford near Tukwila offer that we have for you. Every vehicle that we have at Sound Ford is in the best condition. We take the utmost pride in having our used vehicles look and feel like new.

Similarly, we have everything that you could possibly ask for on a model front from the hatchback to the crossover. It does not matter whether it is space that you require or comfort, or even sportiness, we have got it covered. Some of the models that we have in our inventory include the Ford Edge and Explorer for the big families, the F series for the work trucks and GT Shelby and Focus models for the thrill seekers.


Bursting with Power

The model years available range from 2000 to 2015 and all of them come available with insurance. The Pre-Owned Ford near Tukwila has both a sophisticated exterior and interior and quite capable powertrain options.

The Ford Fiesta comes available with a 2.0L four-cylinder engine generating 160 hp. Another, the F-Series, which is one of the largest in our fleet, has a 6.2L gasoline V8 engine that can get up to massive 385 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque. Even the most powerful option for the extreme thrill lovers, the GT Shelby is available with a 5.7 V8 engine capable of a whopping 660 hp. Most have a six-speed automatic transmission. The fuel economies are also decent averaging 21 mpg.

Beautifully Crafted Pre-Owned Fords

Now if you think the sleek, exteriors and powertrains are anything to go by, you have not seen the interior. Our vehicles are beautifully crafted inside and out. The Pre-Owned Ford near Tukwila comes available with good material quality on all trims regardless of the model. There is also Ford MyTouch Sync infotainment systems which group the entertainment, Connectivity and navigation systems.

If you want to view and would like more information on the vehicles come on down to Sound Ford of Tukwila. We also proudly serve some of the following areas including Renton, SeaTac, Burien, White Center, Des Moines.

One-Owner Ford Available in Renton

We at Sound Ford assure you there is no other dealer that will provide you with almost all available models for One-Owner Ford Available in Renton at any time. we endeavor to provide the well maintained and high performance one owner Ford vehicles to out lot at any time.

We house everything from the Focus, Edge, Mustang, GT Shelby as well as F and E series models. The model years range from 2000 to 2015. we have everything you could want from five door hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs to four door hatchbacks, super cabs and full size vans. Whatever you would need whether it is lots of cargo or passenger space, there is something for you.


Our vehicles come with some sophisticated specs both on the outside and interior. The exterior specifications are sleek and athletic regardless of the model. Therefore, you will turn many heads when you drive the One-Owner Ford Available in Renton. The exterior frame is aerodynamic and our vehicle drivetrains are quite capable with acceptable fuel efficiency on most of the models.

The vehicles boast good ride quality and suspension and adequate accelerations of 0 to 60 times of less than 7 seconds for a lot of the models. You should also be aware that the typical version of the Ford we –provide at Sound Ford comes available with Alloy wheels, fog lamps and leather surfaces, as well as tilt and telescoping steering wheel.

As for the interior there are a variety of specs that are standard across the board for the One-Owner Ford Available in Renton. These range from the tech specs, safety packages up to the material quality. Some of the things that come standard for the vehicles include center mounted screen, multi-speaker entertainment system, indispensable security as well as safety gear.

There are also touch sensitive controls for navigation as part of the MyFord Touch infotainment system which groups the navigation, entertainment and connectivity systems. The safety features include automatic crash notification and forward collision assist as well as lane departure warning and assist. If you want to view or purchase the vehicles come on down to Sound Ford.

Test Driving the Ford F-150

Ford’s been making big leaps in its approach to vehicles, and its Ford F-150 is just another step in a new, but potentially rich direction. Consumers will find that Test Driving the Ford F-150 has a lot of the same power and reliability they’ve met in prior models, alongside a new feeling of lightness.

The Ford F-150’s design incorporates more aluminum in the hull and in major structures, but without sacrificing any of its structural integrity or grit. The inclusion of aluminum in building helps to shave off half a ton of weight, if not more; this makes a major difference in aerodynamics and handling of the car. Overall, this new innovation pays off well and already promises to change how future trucks are designed and handled.

mfg 2015 ford f-150

With a choice of four different engines, from the basic 283 hp engine to the EcoBoost V6, Test Driving the Ford F-150 should give the user a good sense of power under the hood. While the light frame allows for faster acceleration and an overall freer feeling, the high design of the Ford will add a little to air drag once the truck starts pushing around 70 mph. Still, the suspension (while rough) holds up well off the road, and the power steering is satisfactory. Even without all its kinks hammered out, the new Ford F-150 is a model that gives a solid, powerful feeling when behind the wheel.

Comfort is definitely not a problem when you’re Test Driving the Ford F-150; the steering wheel is designed with long drives in mind. Its windows and arm rests are set at comfortable heights, and the buyer has an option of three different cab sizes. While the interior has an unmistakable overhaul with ergonomics as the focus, all the primary controls stay in the same spots as before. A brand new display between the familiar gauges showcases details such as tire pressure, and the trip computer, again combining the well-known with new innovations towards convenience.

Test Driving the Ford F-150 is an experience that consumers can enjoy through and through. Even with shortcomings, the F-150 is a model that lives up to Ford’s legacy, and brings many new things to the table. Available in both new trims for the adventurous and old trims for those prone to habits, the Ford F-150 has endless possibilities and options.

The 2015 Ford F-150 can be test-driven at Sound Ford, where potential buyers can get a good look at all it has to offer.