2013 Ford Fusion Designed To Turn Heads

The new 2013 Ford Fusion is one of the most talked about sedan releases of the past couple of years.  Ford has finally given free reign to younger designers who have created a fun-to-drive and practical sedan for the tech- and performance-minded.  The excellent fuel economy doesn’t hurt, either.

“There was a general unmet need for more design. People wanted different silhouettes, different rooflines — that’s what customer research told us,” Jim Farley, Ford’s chief of marketing, said of Ford’s market research while explaining where the inspiration for innovative designs came from.


Ford gave the public exactly what they were looking for.  A car packed with technology and convenience features with a sexy design and upgraded materials.  The enhanced trims and packages are an excellent perk as they help with the cool factor and amount of luxury even further.  It’s been awhile since car buyers were excited about a midsize sedan.

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