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Ford Raises $1 Billion In Bond Sale

Ford Motor’s finance unit was able to raise $1 billion during the first sale of benchmark 10-year bonds.

The auto manufacturing division of Ford had the best September for small car sales in 10 years time and a 73% increase over September of 2011.  Ford believes this is due to the rising and sporadic costs of gasoline and that customers have become more conscious of their fuel consumption.

“Fuel economy remains one of the most important features customers want most today,” Ken Czubay, Ford vice president for US marketing, told media.


The F-Series pickup truck continues as Ford’s best-selling vehicle in the U.S., selling over 55K units during September.  The Ford Escape also had a good month with a sales increase of 14% and creating a record for September sales with 23,148 units sold in the U.S.  Utility vehicles in general saw an 8.7% percent sales increase, including Escape, Explorer and Edge models.

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2013 Ford Fusion Designed To Turn Heads

The new 2013 Ford Fusion is one of the most talked about sedan releases of the past couple of years.  Ford has finally given free reign to younger designers who have created a fun-to-drive and practical sedan for the tech- and performance-minded.  The excellent fuel economy doesn’t hurt, either.

“There was a general unmet need for more design. People wanted different silhouettes, different rooflines — that’s what customer research told us,” Jim Farley, Ford’s chief of marketing, said of Ford’s market research while explaining where the inspiration for innovative designs came from.


Ford gave the public exactly what they were looking for.  A car packed with technology and convenience features with a sexy design and upgraded materials.  The enhanced trims and packages are an excellent perk as they help with the cool factor and amount of luxury even further.  It’s been awhile since car buyers were excited about a midsize sedan.

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Ford Strengthens Efforts For Teen Driving Safety

Ford debuted their annual red carpet teen driving safety campaign during Variety’s Power of Youth event which began on September 15th at Paramoutn Pictures Studios.  The goal of this campaign is to honor young actors and singers who contribute to organizations and other causes.

“The spotlight on youth-empowered leadership highlighted by Ford Driving Skills for Life at the Variety Power of Youth event promotes the issue of teen traffic safety to attract young people to learn about and make safe driving decisions behind the wheel,” Sandy Spavone, executive director of National Organizations for Youth Safety, told media. “The investment of Ford in the lives of young drivers helps to both educate them and provide the driving skills needed to keep them safe on the roads we all share.”

Entertainers honored by Ford include The Jonas Brothers, Vanessa Hudgens, Kat Graham and Jordin Sparks.  Ford also demonstrated some technologies that were designed to assist the driver and maximizing safety.

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Ford To Hire Another 1,200 Employees

The campaign for the brand new Ford Fusion is off to such a great start that Ford is expecting massive numbers in sales for this sedan, packed with all of Ford’s new and innovative driver-assistance features. The auto manufacturer will invest $555 million into their Detroit manufacturing plant, which also makes the Ford Mustang. The investment money will mostly go towards new equipment in order to double their output and produce the Fusion.

In order to produce the amount of Fusions that Ford has in mind, they will be adding another 1,200 employees to work in the Detroit plant, producing the new small sedan. Previously, the Fusions were only made at Ford’s plant in Mexico, but now that the small car segment is growing at such a rapid pace, and labor contracts have lowered the U.S. costs, Ford is bringing more of the production to its home base in Michigan.

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