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Ford Focus Is World’s Best-Selling Car

According to the most recent reports from the Ford Motor Co., the Ford Focus is the best-selling car in the world. The reports show 489,616 units being sold in the first half of the year, beating out the second place car by 27,000 units. There is still another half of the year to be reported on, so it’s not a certain title…yet.

Ford was able to accomplish this feat by revamping the Focus and making it superior to all other cars in it’s class, including the Corolla. They are now selling the Focus in over 100 countries throughout the world, raising sales by 31% for the first six months of 2012 over the same time in 2011.

The new Ford Focus comes in several trims and even has an electric version. The base model starts at $16,200 and has an EPA certified rating of 36 MPG on the highway. The Focus Electric is rated at 110 MPG equivalent for city driving.

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The New High-Performance Explorer Sport

Ford created an entirely new class when it created the Explorer Sport, which goes on sale next month.  It is the only seven-seater, high-performance SUV to have an official EPA rating of 22 MPG on the highway.  The high fuel-efficiency is thanks to Ford’s new EcoBoost engine, which provides 365 horsepower while maintaining the highest MPG around.

“Explorer Sport hits a sweet-spot combination of power, usable torque, 4WD capability, with class-leading fuel efficiency,” Bill Gubing, chief engineer for Explorer, Taurus and Police Interceptor vehicles, told media. “The Explorer Sport EcoBoost engine matches Taurus SHO for output and the Terrain Management System has been specifically calibrated to optimize increased power – regardless of the road or conditions.”

The Explorer Sport also has the SelectShift Automatic transmission, chassis tunnel reinforcements and an electric power-assisted steering rack.  The new Explorer Sport has special Terrain Management System settings which help to increase power and torque on all terrain.

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Ford Enters Heavy Truck Arena

A Chinese corporation which is 30% owned by the Ford Motor Co., recently acquired a large heavy truck company, bringing Ford into the world’s largest heavy-truck arena.  Though Ford didn’t release the financial terms of the acquisition, the heavy truck parent company showed a selling price of $42 million.

No other country in the world sells as many heavy trucks as China does.  Last year, almost one million heavy trucks were sold in China, which is more than North America, South America and Europe combined.  Though the sales of heavy trucks seem to be slowing, Ford is certain the Chinese economy will pick back up and the investment will be sound.

“A strong heavy-truck operation like Taiyuan will complement Ford’s existing passenger car and light commercial vehicle operations here in the world’s largest and fastest-growing vehicle market,” Dave Schoch, chairman and CEO of Ford Motor China, told media.

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Ford Continues Revamped Certified Pre-Owned Program

If you don’t feel you can afford a new car, but don’t want to buy just any used car that turn out to be more trouble then it’s worth, consider Ford’s Certified Pre-Owned program the right one for you.  This CPO program includes increased warranties, more inspection points and better roadside service for pre-owned Ford and Lincoln vehicles with low miles.

“As sales of our new products continue to grow, so will the demand for high-quality, low-mileage pre-owned Ford and Lincoln vehicles. That’s why we work very closely with our dealers to invest in our CPO program and make it even more competitive,”  John Felice, general manager of Ford and Lincoln Sales, told media.

Incentives include a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty and a seven-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty.  Now, you don’t have to buy a brand new Ford to receive the best in technology, as some of these slightly used vehicles come with the new MyFord Touch and three free months of satellite radio.

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