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Ford Surpasses EcoBoost Goal

Ford’s EcoBoost are a revelation in the automotive industry.  An industry that has no mercy on auto manufacturers who cannot come with unique and innovative technology year after year.  With the EcoBoost engine, Ford has not only created a vehicle with superb fuel-efficiency and lower emission ratings, they’ve also delivered on the performance Ford consumers expect.

To help with these numbers are the two most recent additions to the EcoBoost family.  The first is a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine made for the Taurus, and the other is a 1.0 liter 3-cylinger engine which we will see in the Focus or Fiesta beginning next year.  By the year 2013, Ford will deliver over 1 and a half million turbocharged EcoBoost engines.  This amount surpasses their goal by 100,000 units, thrilling them beyond compare.

Another big change for Ford is the fact that they are consolidating the vehicle platforms from 22 separate ones, to only 10, making desirable changes to each family by the year 2017.

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Ford Developes Biometric Sensor System

Ford is working on a system that combines biometric measurements like pulse and breathing rate, to determine how hard a driver has to work.  Ford calls this the drivers “workload”, and has to do with how much stress the driver is under and how much attention is demanded to drive in current condition.

When the amount of attention and input required from any driver is too low, like when we drive straight interstate for hours on end, we are more likely to make mistakes from inattention.  If the workload is too high, the driver may not have the capability to give attention to everything and important information may be missed, resulting in a possible accident.

Ford’s new system will be equipped with sensors in the steering wheel and seat belt to gather biometric measurement.  Based on these measurements, as well as readings from systems like blindspot detection and lane-keeping assist to detect traffic flow and quantity nearby, the system will react with alerts accordingly.

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Ford Decides on Focus RS

Ford had talked about a new generation of the Focus RS, but has stayed mum on whatever decisions are being made.  Before silence about the situation, Ford said they were considering going with a Fiesta RS instead of the Focus RS, until the Focus ST became so wildly popular.  Automotive expert consensus is that Ford should stick with the a Focus RS, but give it a more powerful engine.  One magazine has said Ford is talking about using the 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine that will most likely be used in the 2015 Mustang.

The previous generation of Focus RS was powered by a turbocharged 2.5-liter engine providing 301 horsepower in standard from and up to 345 horsepower in with the limited edition trim.  If the next-gen Focus RS gets the Mustang’s engine, we can expect a horsepower output at around 330 horsepower for the base model.

It seems Ford is playing a wait-and-see game before it decides on which model will get the RS, since either the Focus or Fiesta may yet prove to outdo the other.

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New Safety Tech Tested on Ford Taurus

As in-car safety features become more involved and advanced, the amount of fatal and harmful accidents lessen.  A new safety feature is currently being tested and perfected in which cars are able to “talk” to one another and possibly avoid collisions.

A Ford Taurus was was used as the media demonstration vehicle, in which the driver showed what would happen if he tried to drive through an intersection when an unseen car was speeding through the cross street, running the red light.  A row of red lights pulsed on the lower part of the Taurus’ windshield and audible warning loudly warned the driver that he was on a collision course with a car approaching quickly on the cross street.  The driver was able to brake as the car, which was hidden behind a large truck, sped through the red light, driving right into the space the Taurus would have been had the driver not stopped.

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