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Ford F-550 Show Truck Comes to the Rescue

In March, a custom-built Ford F-550 Super Duty pickup was making its rounds as a display vehicle in Texas.  The last place is it was seen as “just” a show truck was in Houston during a rodeo.  A week later, multiple tornadoes devastated parts of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and firefighters didn’t know where to turn to for the extra super duty help they needed.

When the tornadoes materialized, the Granbury fire department informed the VP of NewScope Marketing, the company who designed the after market truck, that Arlington’s fire department was looking for outside help. Along with an employee, VP Brad Snyder, with no first-responder experience, drove the truck to the Green Oaks Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center, which had sustained significant damage.  He then followed firefighters to Arlington’s hardest-hit neighborhoods to help with search and rescue.

Powered by a diesel engine, the 37,000-pound truck features two thermal-imaging cameras, Doppler radar and a generator strong enough to power a small house, which can be used while the truck is in motion, Mr. Snyder said.  You can see why the vehicle was of such use during the emergency.

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Ford Encourages All to ‘Go Further’

The automotive industry took a huge dip in 2009, going so low, auto manufacturers weren’t sure how much longer they would stay in business.  The Ford brand was among them.  Now, the auto industry is breaking records in improved sales and investing the millions in dollars earned in research for new technologies.  Ford is celebrating the positive turn around with a new slogan.

Replacing “Drive One”, the new slogan “Go Further” encompasses Ford’s view to never give up, success is right around the corner – which they have proven.  It will also be used in Europe, replacing the Ford Europe slogan of “Feel the Difference”.  The slogan was inspired by Nike’s and McDonald’s slogan which have both proved to be great advertising successes.

Though some pessimists may think that a simple slogan can’t make a difference, Ford points to the Super Bowl commercials that have gained companies billions in revenue as proof something so simple, truly helps.

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2013 Ford Escape Already Has Thousands of Orders

Even though the 2013 Ford Escape doesn’t hit showrooms until the end of May, Ford has already received around 8,000 orders for the new vehicle.  At only $23,295 for the base model, it’s no wonder why.

About half of the orders are for higher trim models such as the new Titanium trim which includes an EcoBoost engine, panoramic roof, sports-styled leather wrapped interior and unique 19 inch alloys.  The SEL is another higher trim model which includes the MyFord Touch infotainment system, bucket seats and heated exterior mirrors.  The base model only counts for 10% of the sales thus far.

The new Escape also continues Ford’s goal of introducing ever more fuel-efficient vehicles. The 2013 model comes with a choice of a 1.6- or 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine, with direct injection and turbocharging to deliver power with the smaller and more fuel-efficient engine.  The the current 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine is still available, Ford predicts more consumers will choose the newer engines.

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