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Ford Gives Fusion Buyers More In Customized Choices

Ford has been looking for a way to gain the competitive edge with the new 2013 Ford Fusion, and decided the best way to do it is to give their customers more choices in their vehicle.  Who says every vehicle has to have the same concept or interior lighting?  Ford is thinking innovatively, as usual, giving their customers things they’d never thought to ask for.  Way to go, Ford.

Among other things, 2013 Ford Fusion buyers will get to choose what color LED lights don the interior of the new car.  The Ice Blue color has ben chosen as the signature color, but owners will get to choose from seven different colors and even change the color intensity.  The other colors are blue, purple, orange, red, white and green.

Michael Arbuagh, Chief Interior Designer for Ford says of the lighting color choice, “Consumers are usually surprised by the variety and enjoy the ability to choose.  I believe it’s a competitive advantage.”

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Ford Gets Credit For Improved Dependability From J.D Power

J.D Power and Associates is a firm that conducts surveys on quality and customer satisfaction.  They review a large range of products from business models to vehicles and are most known for their awards and recommendation for vehicles.  A commendation from J.D. Power is a top selling point for any manufacturer.

J.D Power surveyed 31,000 owners of 2009 vehicles and rated them based on any issues the cars had in the previous 12 months.  If you’ll recall, 2009 was a terrible year for the auto industry, US especially, and some auto makers almost went under.  One of J.D’s associates expressed his surprise and delight to learn that manufacturers such as Ford were able to improve their dependability in the face of such issues.

Ford’s numbers in dependability improved, helping to bring up the overall average of dependability, which is at an all-time high.  Ford has been working diligently to up its reputation in dependability and is confident their numbers will continue to rise.

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Ford Fiesta Ranks #1 In Its Category

The 2012 Ford Fiesta receives multiple accolades from US News which does extensive studies on multiple published reviews and test drives for any given vehicle.  Out of 40 vehicles in the Affordable Small Car category, the Ford Fiesta earned an overall score of 9.2, putting it in the #1 spot.  US News has also voted the 2012 Fiesta Best Subcompact Car and Hatchback For The Money.

In their article about the Fiesta, US News states, “The 2012 Ford Fiesta is a well-rounded small car that offers good driving dynamics, a comfortable interior and competitive interior tech for the class.  [Reviewers] say this affordable small car offers cute looks, fun color options, a quality interior, fun driving dynamics, upscale tech and good fuel economy ratings.”

The Fiesta’s Super Fuel Economy package, which is optional on the SE, SEL and SES trim models, can give the car a 40 mpg highway capability.  All the Fiesta’s have a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder engine with 120HP and 112 lb ft of torque.

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