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2009 Ford F-150 XLT 4X4 STYLESIDE

Pickups are the automotive landscape for bragging rights, best-in-class superlatives, and sales volume. The Ford F-150 has often enjoyed bragging rights and is generally the single best-selling vehicle nameplate in the world.

Completely redesigned, the new 2009 Ford F-150 lineup aims to keep it that way.

The 2009 Ford F-150 lineup offers a plethora of models for virtually every occasion or occupation, starting at just more than $20,000 and climbing well beyond double that. The F-150 line offers something on the order of 65 permutations, more than many car companies’ entire lineups. All are capable of work or play, even those models with luxurious interiors.

Three V8 engines of two sizes are offered, including a flex-fuel unit that will run on E85 (ethanol). All models use an automatic transmission of four or six speeds, and the majority are available with rear- or four-wheel drive. One exception: The FX off-road package is available only with 4WD V8 models.

The F-150 lineup runs the gamut from wash-off vinyl flooring and a two-door Regular Cab to leather-lined premium four-door models with as much rear seat legroom as the front of most luxury sedans: Within those extremes lies something for everyone. Yet even the least-expensive F-150 isn’t boring; it leaves room for customization, does the work required and keeps overhead down.

2009 marks the introduction of the Platinum model, a further step up in fancy from the Lariat or King Ranch choices and bringing the total variety count to seven. Although that makes the total number of builds and choices mind-boggling, believe it or not it has been simplified.

With one of the deepest beds in the half-ton pickup segment, the F-150 has generous cargo volume out back and a maximum payload rating of 3,030 pounds. A properly equipped Regular Cab F-150 is rated to tow up to 11,300 pounds; other models max out in the 9000-pound range.

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Mustang GT Premium

When the 2010 Mustang V6 was announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show in December 2008, I immediately wondered how that would impact the V8. The 5.0 is back!

After all, the new 3.7-liter twin-cam (with variable cam phasing on all), 24-valve, aluminum alloy engine looked to be perilously close to the 4.6 V8 in power output — 305 hp @ 6500 rpm, with 280 lb.-ft of torque @ 4250, vs. the V8’s 315 and 325. Ford was quiet on that…

Only because they saved the news for the hometown show, Detroit’s North American International Auto Show. The 2011 GT V8 was announced literally as I was writing the 2010 Mustang GT review.

The 5.0 is back! Well, the name is. The new 5.0 has nothing else in common with the old except for its 90˚ V8 configuration. No pushrods, no cast iron block. And not much in common with the 4.6 “Modular” V8 and its derivatives. Like the 3.7 V6, it features aluminum alloy block and head construction, dual overhead cams with four valves per cylinder and continuously-adjusted cam phasing by means of the “Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing” (Ti-VCT) system. Like everything these days, computer simulation and design led to its quick development. But unlike some current engines, which don’t take increased power well, the new 5.0 is designed and built with strength to spare. It’s also made for sustained high-performance operation, with attention to oil flow and cooling. Mustang owners are known for doing track days…

So the 412 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque are only the beginning. Transmissions will be upgraded to six speeds, and fuel economy of the V8 is expected to match that of the current 4.6.

Does this mean that the 2010 Mustang GT is a lame duck, and that you should wait until the 2011 comes out in the Fall? Not necessarily. The 315 ponies behind the chrome one on the 2010 GT’s grille aren’t exactly deficient. And one would expect more power and a 6-speed gearbox to be more expensive…

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Cell Phones for Soldiers

Sponsored by Sound Ford


Cell Phones for Soldiers hopes to turn old cell phones into more than 12 million minutes of prepaid calling cards for U.S. troops stationed overseas in 2008. To do so, Cell Phones for Soldiers expects to collect 50,000 cell phones each month through a network of more than 3,000 collection sites across the country.

The phones are sent to ReCellular, which pays Cell Phones for Soldiers for each donated phone – enough to provide an hour of talk time to soldiers abroad.

“Americans will replace an estimated 130 million cell phones this year,” says Mike Newman, vice president of ReCellular, “with the majority of phones either discarded or stuffed in a drawer.  Most people don’t realize that the small sacrifice of donating their unwanted phones can have a tremendous benefit for a worthy cause like Cell Phones for Soldiers.”

Cell Phones for Soldiers was founded by teenagers Robbie and Brittany Bergquist from Norwell, Mass., with $21 of their own money. Since then, the registered 501c3 non-profit organization has raised almost $2 million in donations and distributed more than 500,000 prepaid calling cards to soldiers serving overseas.

“Cell Phones for Soldiers started as a small way to show our family’s appreciation for the men and women who have sacrificed the day-to-day contact with their own families to serve in the U.S. armed forces,” says the teens’ father, Bob Bergquist. “Over the past few years, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of others. But, we have also seen the need to support our troops continue to grow as more troops are sent overseas for longer assignments.”

Through increased fundraising efforts, the Bergquist family hopes to raise more than $9 million in the next five years to fund new programs, such as providing video phones with prepaid service to allow soldiers abroad to see their families on a regular basis.

Cell Phones for Soldiers Featured on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric

(CBS) For a 7-year-old who’s missing his daddy and a father thousands of miles away at war, a phone call is not just a chance to catch up: It’s the only way to cope, CBS News correspondent Kelly Wallace reports.

Donate Money

Option 1: make a check or money order donation and mail to:

Cell Phones for Soldiers

South Shore Savings Bank

400 Washington Street

Norwell, MA 02061

Please make checks and money orders payable to Cell Phones for Soldiers.

Use Paypal below OR Call Gary at 888-205-4007 OR visit the store to make a drop off.