Pre-Owned Ford Available in Renton

mfg 2015 Ford ExplorerBuying a Pre-Owned Ford Available in Renton is the best way to get a car that’s both reliable and affordable. People buying used cars tend to have a better selection than those going for new cars, since a dealership with used cars carries several generations worth of a line in an assortment of configurations.

Pre-Owned Ford Explorer

The Explorer is a mid-size SUV, although in later model years it has been re-imagined into a crossover. The Explorer has been available in either a four-door or two-door version, with the latter being dubbed the Ford Explorer Sport. Part-time four-wheel drive has also been available across models. The Ford Explorer has seen five different generation, and may be coming up onto a sixth one in the future. The Explorer has featured powerful V6 and V8 engines throughout its lineups, as well as excellent power and safety equipment. This Pre-Owned Ford Available in Renton is a quality car that can last a family a long time, even when bought used.

Mustang of the Pre-Owned Ford Available in Renton

Anyone who’s wanted to own one of America’s favorite performance cars at a price that’s affordable can turn to buying a Pre-Owned Ford Available in Renton. The Mustang is a long-lived nameplate, and the original “pony car”. The Mustang has been on the Car and Driver Ten Best list six times, and has received accolades from all over. With the Mustang, you can expect a distinctive design, a powerful engine, and superior handling on the road. This car (which has been available as a coupe, hatchback, and convertible) has left a major mark on automotive history as an inspiration.

First manufactured in 2003, the Ford C-Max is an economical hatchback vehicle with hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions available. Made for Versatility, the C-Max is Ford’s first hybrid-only line in North America. Its known for its high estimated fuel economy ratings and its affordability, and is a good choice for a used family vehicle.

Let Sound Ford help you choose a Pre-Owned Ford Available in Renton to fit your needs. Our inventory is filled with a large variety of Ford vehicles, and is easily browsed or searched. You can also find financing and specials on many of our pre-owned and certified pre-owned Fords. Call us at 888-679-8692 or use a contact form to ask us any question about buying your next pre-owned Ford.

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