New Safety Tech Tested on Ford Taurus

As in-car safety features become more involved and advanced, the amount of fatal and harmful accidents lessen.  A new safety feature is currently being tested and perfected in which cars are able to “talk” to one another and possibly avoid collisions.

A Ford Taurus was was used as the media demonstration vehicle, in which the driver showed what would happen if he tried to drive through an intersection when an unseen car was speeding through the cross street, running the red light.  A row of red lights pulsed on the lower part of the Taurus’ windshield and audible warning loudly warned the driver that he was on a collision course with a car approaching quickly on the cross street.  The driver was able to brake as the car, which was hidden behind a large truck, sped through the red light, driving right into the space the Taurus would have been had the driver not stopped.

To find out more about safety technology inside Ford vehicles, or to take a look at any Ford vehicle, contact Sound Ford.

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