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New Ford Dealer Serving RentonWith Ford’s excellent track record of releasing cars and trucks that are reliable and stylish, you may be wanting to finance one of the most recent releases of the Ford Focus or Ford Escape. The question that remains is, should you buy or lease? Talking to your New Ford Dealer Serving Renton can help make that question clear.

Leasing a New Ford in Renton

Auto leasing is a great way to avoid the costs associated with vehicle depreciation, as well as a way to consistently drive the newest cars. If you enjoy seeing what Ford has to offer each year, then leasing may be for you. You will discuss the terms of your lease with your New Ford Dealer Serving Renton, during which time you’ll come to an agreement about how many miles you can drive (miles on leased cars are limited, typically to around 12,000 miles per year). After the lease period of a few years, you’ll return the car.

Leasing can be more affordable because monthly payments are lower and there is usually no down payment. People may consider the downside of a lease being the limited miles, as well as the lack of ownership.

Buying a New Ford in Renton

Ownership can be important to people, which is why many choose to buy their car outright. Purchasing your car means that you’re not limited by miles, and may be better if you’re planning to use your vehicle for long trips or heavy-duty work.

While some people may be able to put down all the money to buy a car from a New Ford Dealer Serving Renton immediately, most will need to find a loan. A loan can be received from a banking institution, or directly from your dealership; your interest will be determined by your credit history. If you buy your car, it means that you’ll be able to trade it in for a newer car once you do decide to upgrade.

Sound Ford, a New Ford Dealer Serving Renton, can find you a deal whether you’re buying or leasing your Ford. Our online inventory is easy to browse, and shows you our full collection of Ford trucks, cars, and SUVs, as well as the ways we can save you money. Sound Ford also offers excellent repair and maintenance service to keep your car on the road. Use our contact form to schedule an appointment to discuss financing on your new Ford.

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