Ford Oil Change Services Available in Renton

Changing automobile oilRegular oil changes are a vital component to keeping any car healthy, and a dealership associated with your car’s manufacturer is one of the best places to get it. Dealerships with direct ties to the manufacturer have access to more information and more parts specifically for your model and year. It’s good to do a bit of research to find a dealership that offers Ford Oil Change Services Available in Renton.

Ford Oil Change Impact

If the engine is your car’s heart, then the oil is similar to the blood. Engine oil lubricates components and keeps them running smoothly, draws heat away from the combustion chamber, and prevents varnish buildup inside the engine. Since engines get incredibly hot, mitigating that heat is vital to preventing breakdowns.

Beneficial Ford Oil Change Services Available in Renton

Engine oil is not one-size-fits-all; each car requires a different type of oil, usually differentiated by the viscosity (or thickness) of the liquid. The type of engine oil your car takes will be in the owner’s manual, and if you choose to get professional Ford Oil Change Services Available in Renton you’ll be able to get the exact type you need. Oil change should not be put off, since neglecting your oil can lead to severe breakdowns.

Most cars have a built-in timer that goes off every 3,000 miles or 3 months, which tells you that you need to go in for replacement. When that light comes on, making sure to find quality Ford Oil Change Services Available in Renton should be your priority. Overtime, oil loses its viscosity and becomes polluted by contaminants such as carbon deposits or sludge. It won’t be able to do any of its vital tasks, and can even clog up your car’s engine further, forcing you to replace components that you wouldn’t have needed to touch for a while otherwise.

When it comes to your oil, it’s definitely a case of better safe than sorry. Changing your oil at the right intervals can prolong your engine’s life for several more years.

Sound Ford’s Ford Oil Change Services Available in Renton are fast, affordable, and professional. Sound Ford has been serving the Seattle area for a long time, and our trained technicians are ready to help you with any Ford service you may need, from oil changes to auto detailing. Call us at 888-809-5272 to schedule work on your Ford car.

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