Ford Employees Begin Inventions

Ford‘s newes TechShop opened in Detroit last week on it’s mission to open more throughout the US. TechShop is a workshop meant to spark creativity and grow Detroit’s creative community. Ford’s Employee Patent Incentive Award program provides free TechShop memberships to its employees submitting inventions. It is also open to non-Ford employees for a membership fee.  It’s estimated that about 2,000 incentive memberships will be provided to Ford employees this year and that invention submissions are up over 30 percent versus last year.

Ford employees are using TechShop as an outlet for creativity and experimentation, enabling them to easily and quickly build prototypes and bring their ideas to life. Some projects are for solving needs outside of the office, such as a creating a log debarking attachment for a chainsaw and others can help improve the work they do for Ford like designing more comfortable car seats.” Bill Coughlin, CEO of Ford Global Technologies, told media.

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