Ford Developes Biometric Sensor System

Ford is working on a system that combines biometric measurements like pulse and breathing rate, to determine how hard a driver has to work.  Ford calls this the drivers “workload”, and has to do with how much stress the driver is under and how much attention is demanded to drive in current condition.

When the amount of attention and input required from any driver is too low, like when we drive straight interstate for hours on end, we are more likely to make mistakes from inattention.  If the workload is too high, the driver may not have the capability to give attention to everything and important information may be missed, resulting in a possible accident.

Ford’s new system will be equipped with sensors in the steering wheel and seat belt to gather biometric measurement.  Based on these measurements, as well as readings from systems like blindspot detection and lane-keeping assist to detect traffic flow and quantity nearby, the system will react with alerts accordingly.

For more information about Ford technology, or to take a look at any Ford vehicle, contact Sound Ford.

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