Finance a 2016 Ford Soon in Renton

mfg 2016 ford explorer - FWith the new car model year coming up, many people are hoping to Finance a 2016 Ford Soon in Renton. It’s become much easier, thanks to more available financing options, as well as sales and special deals. With enough research, it can be easy to finance the newest Ford Focus, F-Series, or other new Ford automobile.

Finance a 2016 Ford Options

Options for how to Finance a 2016 Ford Soon in Renton are numerous; depending on your credit score, your budget, and how you intend to use your car, you can finance through either taking out a car loan (from a bank or a dealer), or by leasing your car.

Leasing a Car: Leasing has become more and more popular in the face of rising car prices. A car lease typically lasts two to three years, during which time you can be paying up to 60% less of what people who buy pay for their car. Auto leasing only takes money for the depreciation of the vehicle, making it much cheaper. The payment scheme is different (for example, there is no down payment), and the lease carries restrictions on how far you can drive the car per year.

Buying a Car: You can Finance a 2016 Ford Soon in Renton through an auto loan from either your bank or the dealership. While many people may prefer to take out a lease because it’s cheaper, others may enjoy knowing that they own the car outright. Once you’ve made out all your payments to the loan, the car is completely yours.

Discuss the best course of action with an agent, and see which 2016 Fords are available for financing.

Finance a 2016 Ford Focus

The 2016 Ford Focus is the latest in Ford’s small-car line, and features a new All-Wheel Drive system in the Focus RS trim, a rarity for the class. A 2.3L turbocharged engine makes for 315 hp, making the 2016 Ford Focus RS the fastest and most powerful iteration of the lineup to date. An aerodynamic design will help you glide along the highway, while the interior has been designed with care and precision. The 2016 Ford Focus RS features a host of new advanced technologies to improve performance.

Finance a 2016 Ford Soon in Renton with Sound Ford of Renton, located at 101 SW Grady Way. We feature the newest and best in Ford cars for lease and for sale. Contact us for financing, auto service, or to buy auto parts.

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