2016 Ford Trucks Coming Soon to Renton

Most people have a certain association with the Ford nameplate: strong, efficient trucks that can handle any job thrown at them. The 2016 Ford Trucks Coming Soon to Renton are no exception; capable and well-equipped, Ford trucks are available in many different forms, allowing people to get exactly what they want out of their new truck.

2016 Ford Super Duty Trucks Coming Soon to Renton

The Super Duty is aptly-named: it’s a truck that takes on tough work with gusto, fulfilling any task without any difficulty. With the available 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel engine, the Super Duty goes above and beyond in what it can do. 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque means that the Super Duty beats other cars in the Full-Size Pickup class. With the proper towing package, the Super Duty can pull up to 31,200 lbs. Upgrades to suspension and tires are available to get these 2016 Ford Trucks Coming Soon to Renton ready for the big haul ahead.

The King Ranch trim available on the Super Duty is likely familiar to many Ford enthusiasts: it adds a layer of luxury not often found in work vehicles, equipping the Super Duty with leather seating and even more features–particularly notable, since the Super Duty is already loaded with features.

2016 Ford F-650 and F-750 Trucks Coming Soon to Renton

If you need to go even bigger, the Ford F-650 and Ford F-750 are commercial trucks that will do any business a great service. These new 2016 Ford Trucks Coming Soon to Renton are not only powerful; they allow workers to drive in comfort, with user-friendly gauges and controls and a steering wheel that will remain easy to grip even after hours on the road. A specially-tuned suspension means that ride quality and stability see a large improvement.

Though buyers have a choice between a V8 Turbo-Diesel engine and a V10 Gas Engine, only one transmission is needed on the F-650 and 750: a six-speed automatic that’s responsive and built to be challenged.

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